Feature requests

May 3, 2010 at 2:53 PM

Currently, we are hoping to add:

  • a GUI Crawler, that automatically creates a UIMap, based on the object under test.  Compare this with what you can see in UISpy or Snoop, only this time, you can use it in code.  Obviously, you can give every control a friendly name.
  • data driven tests.  You can reuse the same test, just by passing it new parameters.  These parameters can be modified by a non-technical tester, in an Excel-like interface.
  • Stability of UI Map: if a control was renamed, the UI Crawler is smart enough to detect this, and suggest to the user that a control was (probably) changed.  The user only has to confirm that "cmdOK", is now called "btnOK".  After that, all tests work again. 
  • Only one line of code for each action the user should do: click a button is one line, enter some text is one line, ...
  • Independent of the technology: web, winforms, WPF, Webservices,...
  • ...